THE Overview

What is the STEM Research Program?

The STEM Research Program offers motivated high school students an opportunity to collaborate individually with a PhD mentor. This program allows students to explore the latest advancements in their chosen scientific field and create an independent research project.

Under the guidance of their Research Mentor, students have the freedom to select their area of study. Potential topics range from differential equations, combinatorics, and neuroscience to computer vision, robotic control, game theory, chemical engineering, and more. These subjects are typically covered in-depth by advanced undergraduates and graduate students.

The STEM Research Program cultivates independent and adaptable researchers who are prepared to excel in the STEM fields. The program achieves this by providing a personalized introduction to the research process, overseen by accomplished PhDs. Students engage in weekly meetings with their mentors to explore new subjects, culminating in a research paper.

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The Schedule

What the program timeline looks like

An overview of the program schedule that students will follow. Most students stick to this schedule but modifications are made depending on the student.

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Week 1: Meet with your mentor and align on a topic

The first meeting with your Research Mentor is an exciting opportunity for you to get to know your mentor, share your background and areas of interest, and hear about your mentor’s area of expertise. Together with your mentor, you will agree on a topic of investigation for the program. After the first meeting, your mentor will create a plan for the remainder of the program.

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Week 2-4: Explore the topic and identify the research question

This stage is dedicated towards learning new theoretical tools with the guidance of your mentor. Through various resources including books, papers, and case studies, you will gain expertise in your selected topic. Your mentor is here to help you with insights earned through years of experience.

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Week 5-9: Write research paper with 1-1 support from Research Mentor

Continuing to delve deeper into your area of research, you will now also begin outlining and drafting your paper. The Research Mentor will help select a suitable topic for the paper, provide feedback along the way, and teach you everything that goes into writing a stellar paper.

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Week 10-12: Make final edits and submit the paper for evaluation

Make your final adjustments and submit the paper! Once completed, your mentor will grade your paper and write an evaluation of your work together.

Admission deadlines

Early Admission – November 15, 2023
Regular Admission – December 22, 2023
Late Admission – January 28, 2023

The Program runs four times per year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. For Winter 2024, we have three deadlines, outlined above.

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