STEM Research Program

Are you a high school student looking to go above and beyond the standard curriculum? Learn from the best STEM researchers in this cutting-edge program. Our mentors are from Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and more elite universities.

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Guided research by world-class PhDs

Collaborate one-on-one with a PhD researcher. Explore the latest advancements in your chosen scientific field and create an independent research project.

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Stand out for college admissions

Our students are regularly accepted at top schools like Harvard, Stanford, UChicago, Cornell, Brown, and more.

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Create a meaningful influence on the world

Begin your journey of becoming a shaper of society by creating new science and technology to help your community.

Program Overview
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Hear from our students

Combine your personal interests with work being done on the forefront of STEM, and gain a lasting achievement.

Behavior of Light in Space-Time Distortion

“My mentor opened a door to the world of differential equations for me and provided insights on much more challenging mathematics, driving me to pursue mathematics further.”

An Exploration of Music and Mathematics

“I had a great time working with my Research Mentor – it was incredibly enjoyable and produced a tangible result of a research paper from eight weeks of study together.”

The Heat Equation

“Learning under my Research Mentor was an absolute pleasure. I would gladly recommend the program to any fellow students looking to deepen their knowledge and enrich their love for mathematics.”

Admission deadlines

Early Admission – July 28, 2024
Regular Admission – September 1, 2024
Late Admission – October 13, 2024

Applications for the current (Summer) cohort will be reviewed on an individual basis. The Program runs four times per year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

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